New Year's Day marks the purported first day of full coverage under Obama's new health care program.  Over 2.1 million people have registered through state and federal exchanges, but there may be glitches preventing full coverage on January 1 due to the issues has experienced over the last three months.  There are 10,000 workers ready to deal with phone calls from people who need health care in the early days of January 2014, but run into issues with their insurance when seeking medical care or they did not properly enroll in a coverage plan.   Open enrollment lasts through March, but if there continue to be issues with online registration for health coverage, negative criticism of the Obama administration will follow throughout 2014 and likely affect congressional elections.  Even though coverage issues are common when switching between healthcare providers, the negativity surrounding Obamacare has escalated since it was passed three years ago and the new programs are continuing to receive scrutiny.  One of the remaining issues is that many people have not yet enrolled in a coverage plan, and medical providers will likely be dealing with uninsured patients for some time to come. 

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