New Wrong-side Surgery Study May Help Surgeons

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Don't you hate it when someone ruins your day by going too fast, not paying attention or causes an injury because they failed to read the manual - Well the same can be said when someone is rushing and doesn't read the chart before a wrong-site surgery?

Twitter tweet on Case Study on wrong site surgery.

November 18, 2010 - The New England Journal of Medicine. Case 34-2010 - A 65-year old woman with an incorrect operation on the left hand., Ring, Herndon, Meyer.

There is a very interesting discussion equating the error to texting while driving.

How could this have happened to Dr. Ring and his patient? The question is more complex than it initially appears. Breakdowns can occur in skill-based behavior, rule-based behavior, and knowledge-based behavior.15 In many cases, such as the wrong procedure described here, all three occur. A failure of skill-based behavior is an error in performing a routine task, usually a result of distraction. An example is texting while operating a motor vehicle, which leads to a failure to recognize hazards. Failures of rule-based behaviors are typically driven by familiarity with the task at hand, leading to stretching the rules. For example, a stop sign is a clear signal to stop a motor vehicle completely and look in both directions before proceeding. Stretching those rules, such as through a rolling stop, is a classic deviation from rule-based behavior. Knowledge-based behaviors involve conscious problem solving to deal with new situations, such as deciding how to proceed through an intersection when the traffic light is broken.

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