Medical coding is the system used by the medical world to indicate what kind of treatment patient's receive, how to bill them, and how to pay the physicians.  The current system, I.C.D.-9, does not allow as detailed descriptions and has resulted in many unclear coding errors that cause issues for patients and physicians, who sometimes do not get paid properly for their services.  The new system, I.C.D.-10, will begin use on October 1, 2014 and will improve the clarity of describing illnesses, injuries, treatment procedures and help track public health threats.  However, the timing of the introduction of this new system could prove problematic, considering that health care providers are also dealing with the new health care laws and concomitant problems with the implementation of those regulations.  The World Health Organization is in charge of creating the system of codes, and allows coding for new technology and new illnesses.  Most other countries have already adopted the system, and experts say that with almost one year to fix glitches, the new system should run smoothly.

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