A judge in the U.S. District Court in Chicago is considering a proposed settlement agreement involving several class-action lawsuits filed against the NCAA for injured student athletes.  Two of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs, however, disagree about whether the proposed settlement is sufficient.  Attorney Jay Edelson argues the proposed $70 million is not enough to give the plaintiffs the compensation they deserve, and will also cause them to forfeit their rights to sue if they accept the settlement.  Attorney Steve Berman on the other hand believes the proposal should be approved and will provide the best outcome for all involved.  Part of the proposal includes a provision allowing 4.4 million former and current athletes who played sports in college to apply for NCAA-funded testing related to athletic injuries.  In exchange for the testing, the NCAA will be shielded from class-action lawsuits, but current and former athletes would still be able to sue their colleges and the NCAA as individuals rather than as a class.  Berman emphasizes the fact that the NCAA-funded testing would then allow those athletes the medical grounds to actually file those suits if they choose to.  Most importantly, the settlement as proposed would enforce rule changes to help prevent brain injuries in the future.

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