When Will You Receive Your Worker's Compensation Settlement Check?

Worker Compensation FolderIf we are sucessful in negotiating a settlement for your workers' compensation claim, your first question is likely to be "so when will I get my money?" Unfortunately, there is never a definite date we can give you as there are many things that must happen before the settlement is complete and the money is in your hands.  

What Takes Place After Your Workers' Compensation Claim Is Settled?

First, the defense attorney must draft the workers' compensation settlement documents and send them to us.  This can take several hours or several days depending on how busy the attorney is.  If there are no issues with the document language, we then must get your signature on the documents.  If you live outside the area, this will require you to drive to us, or we will have to mail the documents to you for signature and wait for you to return them by mail.  Then we send the signed documents back to the defense attorney if not already signed, or to the Worker's Compensation Commission if all signatures are completed.  We then wait for the Commission to review and approve the settlement.  There is no way to know how long this will take, but generally speaking it should be a matter of a week or two.  Once the Defense receives the approved settlement documents from the Commission, they direct their insurance carrier to draft the settlement check and that is sent ot our office.  We then hold the check in our trust account to make sure it clears before having you sign a disbursement sheet and releasing your portion of the settlement proceeds to you.  All in all, it should take 3-4 weeks from the time the settlement agreement is made to the time you receive your check.

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