A young driver, 21-years-of-age is reported to have pulled into an intersection right in front of a motorcycle rider. The motorcyclist was Steven E. Dorothy from Hillsboro. After the crash he was thrown from the bike landing in the road and was later pronounced dead at University Hospitals in Iowa City.

Stop, look and anticipate is the safety mantra we need to say before pulling out into an intersection in rural Iowa. See my most recent post on this subject.

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Not seeing motorcycles is an often given excuse for having caused a crash with one. A proper lookout is a lookout that looks not just for the obvious, but also the less than obvious drivers, like motorcycles. As a driver you aren't responsible for just what you saw, but for what was obviously there or that you can anticipate can be there and is lawfully using the city streets and roadways. In this instance the driver of the car is most likely the at-fault driver and can be held liable to the estate and dependents.

Steve Lombardi
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