Motorcycle Accidents Increase as Summer Weather Kicks In

Injured Woman In HospitalMotorcycle riding is a leisure activity enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages.  With the arrival of Spring and Summer, motorcycle owners head out to enjoy the weather on their motorcycles.  Unfortunately this also means an inevitable increase in the number of motorcycle accidents.  

There Is Help For Motorcycle Accident Injuries In Des Moines

Iowa law does not require motorcycle drivers or their riders to wear helmets and many choose not to do so.  However, even though not required by law, wearing a helmet is a necessity to protect yourself and your riders from serious and potentially fatal injuries.  No matter how careful you are when driving a motorcycle, other cars, trucks, and RVs will always be sharing the road and will not always keep a proper lookout for motorcycles that are easy to miss in the blind spot.  And with distracted driving due to texting, car and truck drivers who are texting are even less likely to spot a fast approaching motorcycle.  Exercise extreme caution when driving your motorcycle, or when riding as a passenger.  Always wear a helmet and drive an appropriate speed, and always make sure to be on the lookout for other vehicles who may not be on the lookout for you.  

If you do experience an accident and injuries, contact us online or call us directly at 515.222.1110 to discuss your situation. We can determine if there is a potential case and can help you get the settlement you need to pay for your medical bills.

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