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Swimming SafetyThis story from KCCI has so few facts that it makes no sense to me. A few weeks ago this 30-year-old man, Chad Lenz was with his wife and two children when he failed to surface after jumping in to get some piece of clothing that fell into West Lake Okoboji. The time was about 1:30 p.m., Sunday, June 2010 in Dickinson County. The Dickinson County Sheriff's Department is investigating. No life jacket was worn although if a man can swim there is no need to wear one just to jump off the boat to get a hat or other small object that is close to the boat. Why not just turn the boat, drive close to the clothing and get it by leaning over the side or using an oar to scoop it up into the boat? Why jump in? Every boat should have an oar onboard that can be used to fish it out. Something here doesn't add up; there are missing facts that would further explain the drowning.

In other news a 15-year-old boy drowned in 20 feet of water while swimming in a quarry with several friends in Weeping Water, Nebraska. Another young man, apparently trying to rescue him had to be treated at a local hospital for exhaustion and ingestion of water. There was no indication if alcohol was involved or if he struck his head while diving.

Water safety isn't something you learn during an emergency. You learn it before the boat leaves the dock.

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