Car AccidentWith the legalization of marijuana first in Colorado and then in many states shortly thereafter, there is the related issue of driving while under the influence of marijuana. The laws regulating this are more difficult than those regulating drunk driving as tests to determine marijuana exposure are not as reliable and accurate in determining the user's level of intoxication at the time of the test.  This has led to drivers using marijuana and then driving without knowing whether they are above the legal limit for marijuana intoxication to be operating a vehicle.  

A new study by the Highway Loss Data Institute shows that in states with legalized recreational marijuana, there is a marked increase in car crashes since legalization. Advocates for legalization argue the study is biased and does not take other factors into consideration for the increase in crashes, and there is no direct evidence that the increase is due solely to marijuana use by drivers. The real importance of this study is that more research needs to be done, especially into what is a safe level of marijuana consumption before people drive their vehicles.

If you've been involved in an accident where the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or marijuana contact us online or call us directly at 515.222.1110.

A few companies are developing the technology to detect, measure and determine the recency of the use. Technology companies focused on the use of cannabis include 908 Devices, mCig, Inc., MyDx, Inc. and Cannabix Technologies, Inc. Three of these four companies are publicaly held. Only 908 Devices is privately held. Information provided by Attorney Lombardi. 

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