You may be eligible for unemployment benefits even if you were fired for misconduct.

Separation from employment occurs for many reasons; you may voluntarily quit or resign, or you may be fired for various reasons.  In Iowa, most jobs are "at-will" - meaning that the employer can fire you at any time for any reason, provided it is not a prohibited and/or discriminatory reason.  However, you can receive unemployment insurance benefits for 26 weeks if you are eligible, available, able, and looking for work.  Even if your employer fired you for what they designate as "misconduct", you may be able to receive benefits.  The Iowa statutes governing unemployment benefits can be confusing and complex; that's why you need an attorney to help you navigate the legal language of these statutes and to help represent you in your hearing before the Iowa Workforce Development in order to give you the best legal arguments in favor of your eligibility for benefits.  Many times, employees do not pursue unemployment benefits due to their belief that they will not receive them, and then even if they initially apply, they stop pursuing benefits once denied at the initial fact-finding interview stage.  We can help you appeal an initial denial and argue on your behalf to show why you deserve to receive benefits.

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