A new study soon to be discussed at the American Headache Society reveals that high-school athletes are twice as likely to have migraines as the average person.  This increase in migraine suffering is due to the head injuries and concussions that the athletes suffer during play.  Migraines are the most common symptom experienced after a concussion.  Out of a sample of teenage athletes, only 5% lost consciousness after a head injury, but all of them suffered a headache.  Research shows that migraines and concussions are interrelated - each one causing the other to be more likely.  By conducting better pre-physical screenings in high school, coaches can identify who is at a higher risk for concussion and who already suffers from migraine symptoms.  Another interesting factor in treating these migraines is that normal migraine drugs are not effective in treating sports-related concussion headaches.  The reason why is not yet known, but researchers know more studies need to be done to create specific sports-related headache medicine.

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