The Food and Drug Administration revealed that Taylor Farms de Mexico is the source of the produce that led to cyclospora outbreaks in Iowa and Nebraska.  The restaurants linked to this outbreak and that obtained produce from this company are Red Lobster and Olive Garden, owned by Darden Restaurants.  As of yet, the FDA has not found a connection between victims of the parasite and prepackaged salads at grocery stores.  There are about 16 states overall that have experienced increased cases of cyclosporiasis, but whether the source is the same in all states is not yet determined.  The cyclospora parasite causes severe diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and fever.  It can be treated with an antibiotic, but symptoms may last for several weeks. The FDA reports that this outbreak has prompted the agency to tighten safety controls on produce imported to the U.S. from Mexico.

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