Meet the latest reality series on of all things, The Learning Channel: Meet the Police Women of Broward County, on the TLC. And what is it exactly that TLC is teaching today? Well let’s just take a look and see.

Yes you heard it right, the police bragging that, “There’s always a good time to use a Taser.” Right from the mouth of the people entrusted to uphold the law is bravado about turning, what should be a department issued deadly weapon, into a sound bite for entertainment consumption. Is this right? Is this what American society has become? Is this what are tax dollars are being used to do; to put weapons in the hands of law enforcement who think Tasing citizens has entertainment value? This clearly demonstrates what is wrong when the government gets into the entertainment business.

How about instead of playing to the TLC camera that government does what it is constitutionally empowered to do: simply enforce the laws.

This comment by law enforcement is inappropriate, unprofessional and can be later used to show malice by the Broward County Police Department and officers when someone dies from using a Taser. And who will pay for this indiscretion? You guessed it the taxpayers will be paying. The taxpayers of Broward County will be paying for it in wrongful death damages after little Miss Blonde Deputy Gun Slinger gets her fill of always having a good time to use the Taser.

It’s my opinion that government law enforcement participating in reality TV shows is not an appropriate governmental function. These shows started as educational opportunities and they’ve turned away from education to focusing on entertainment. When did police work turn into the latest reality TV series? When cops turn into movie stars crime turns into an excuse for profit and what crime drives the best ad dollars.  Making police work entertaining borders on an unconstitutional exercise of the State of Florida’s police power.  A basic function of state government is law enforcement not entertainment. So using government law enforcement resources to entertain the public is wasting those resources and encouraging the perception that the purpose of law enforcement is to take economic, social and financial advantage of criminal activity.

This is disgraceful for the State of Florida and especially its police departments. This officer should be sanctioned and either removed from the show or from the service of police work. The Broward County Sheriff’s Department needs to withdraw from the TLC.

Does the TLC stand for Taser Loving Cops.

Perhaps next we’ll have a Tase booth at the Iowa State Fair. “Step right up ladies and gentlemen and try your hand at Tasing the Moving Criminal! It’s great fun and even helps reduce the deficit created by irresponsible government spending! Hit the felon twice and we’ll credit your property tax bill! Kill him and we’ll give you a full year of property tax relief! Come one come all!”

This disgusts me; this officer needs to be retrained by the Iowa State Troopers who by the way don’t carry Tasers. They use what is called verbal judo, what the rest of us know to be communication skills.  Notice the Iowa State Patrol’s motto: “To preserve lives, rights & property through courtesy, service & protection.” No boasting, no bravado and certainly not stated for entertainment value. The Iowa State Troopers make the Broward County Sheriff’s Department look like Communist thugs.

America is ill. The American public is being dumbed down and law enforcement is not doing it's job in a respectable way. The three branches of government should be ashamed. As a lawyer statements like the one here make me wonder if we've developed very far beyond the Roman Empire and its use of lions eating slaves for entertainment. Long live Caesar.

Steve Lombardi
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