Massachusetts reports over 4,400 head injuries related to high school sports during the last school year.  Three of the largest high schools reporting such injuries (Boston College High School, Needham High, and Andover High) all reported around 60 injuries for the school year.  The State Department of Public Health stated that these numbers are not higher than average, the state is merely imposing stricter reporting requirements by schools.  Most of the data indicate that the head injuries occur during football, with hockey the second highest source of head injuries.  Massachusetts instituted a concussion law in 2010, prompting more thorough reporting by state public and private schools.  Although the reporting of these injuries are not required, schools are aware of the need for education and awareness regarding head injuries and the long-term effects that they have on the health of students.  The other essential reason to report every head injury is because when students are allowed to continue playing after a concussion and they suffer a subsequent head trauma, the resulting damage can be severe and even deadly.  By monitoring each and every head injury that occurs, each student can be examined before allowing to return to the field, protecting them from further trauma.

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