In Hospital After Car AccidentYou are involved in a horrible car accident, suffer terrible injuries and end up lying in a hospital bed. While you're recuperating you wonder, “What should I be doing to protect myself?”

Who Is Your Accident Advocate?

The answer is fairly simple, but with a mind numbed by pain killers, action comes in slow motion.

At some point insurance adjusters will probably call. Lawyers should not be calling, unless you ask them to call you. You do need some advice. And you do need someone who knows what to do. Where can you turn for help?

Giving A Recorded Statement To The Insurance Adjuster Aren't Mandatory.

Let us deal first with the insurance adjusters’ initial contact. They may call you, your spouse or even just drop in to your room.

Why Is The Insurance Adjuster Even There?

They will want two things, one, a recorded statement and two, for you to sign a patient waiver. With your insurance company you will have to cooperate, but in due time.

With the at-fault driver’s insurance company not only do you not have to provide a signed patient waiver or a recorded statement, but you should not.

The Insurance Adjuster May State Time Is Of The Essence...Don't Believe Them.

The adjuster will implore you to do this implying they cannot determine how much to pay you without one. But this ignores the issue of time and presupposes they can predict the outcome of your medical treatment. No case can settle before it is ready. No insurance company will pay you before the final doctor’s appointment when he or she releases you. And no insurance company will agree to pay you until they have tried to blame at least some of the accident on you.

Signed Patient Waiveers Aren't Mandatory.

In a truck wreck, car accident or motorcycle crash you do not have to sign a patient waiver for the opposing insurance company. The adjuster may tell you, you do, but you do not and here is the reason why.

It Is All About Your Medical Progress.

No one can even think of settling your case until your medical condition has stabilized and the treatment is over. A patient waiver may or may not be provided to the opposing insurance company. The medical records will be provided, but only after the medical care is complete.

Waiting Is Fine, But Not When It Comes To Your Legal Representation. 

The main reasons why I like to be hired while my client lies in a hospital bed is to have the ability to preserve the evidence. We take photographs of you lying in the hospital bed, of your injuries while they are closest to the accident, we interview witnesses while we can and take photographs of the vehicles before they are junked. If you wait most of this evidence can disappear and most of it does.

Where Did My Car Accident Evidence Disappear To?

  1. The cars get scrapped, demolished and sold at auction. Repaired or shredded.
  2. You get discharged from the hospital and we cannot recreate this image.
  3. Your injuries start to heal and as they do so does the value of your case.
  4. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
  5. Witnesses can disappear or become harder and harder to identify and to interview.
  6. Skid marks, scuff marks and the accident scene change. Photographs taken a year later are not more than general evidence of the roadway. Only recent photographs are specific evidence of what happened and why it may have happened.
  7. Not being at fault, depends on specific evidence.
  8. The other driver’s fault, depends on specific evidence.
  9. Protecting your case depends on specific evidence.
  10. Being friendly, does not make them your friend.

You Must Act While Evidence Of Your Car Accident Still Exists.

Yes, lie in the hospital getting better, but call us or have someone else call us. There are good reasons for you to act quickly.

Call The Lombardi Law Firm.

If you've been injured in a car accident contact us online or call us directly at 515.222.1110. We investigate to gather and to preserve the evidence to support the highest awards in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. We handle all types of personal injury and do not charge just for you to talk with us about your case.


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