How to Obtain the Best Advice Regarding Unemployment Benefit Appeal

We often receive inquiries regarding unemployment benefits and the appeal process.  In order for us to be able to provide the best advice, there are several essential pieces of information we need:

1. Date of separation from employment.

2. Name and location of the employer.

3. Did you quit or were you terminated.

4. If you quit, give the reasons why.

5. If you were terminated, give the reasons why.

6. How long did you work for this particular employer.

7. Did you have any prior warnings.

8. Is the employer contesting your claim for benefits.

9. At what stage are you at in the appeal process (fact-finding interview, hearing before an administrative law judge, or appeal to the employment appeal board).

10. What advice or help are you seeking from us.

By emailing us with this information, you give us the opportunity to evaluate whether your claim for benefits is likely to succeed and whether we can assist you.  We are happy to help in this area as it is confusing and is a difficult process since you are unemployed and trying to get benefits in order to keep living. Give us a call today if we can assist with your unemployment benefits claim.

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