Long-term unemployment benefits expired on December 28, 2013, immediately ending for 1.3 million Americans who had already been out of a job for at least six months. Now that number has increased to 2 million and will only continue to grow.  A Senate bill to extend long-term unemployment insurance will allow those unemployed workers to continue to receive benefits for six more months.  The bill, introduced by Democractic Senator Jack Reed only needs one more Republican Senate vote to be passed to the House.  However, the Republican-controlled House may not approve the bill, leaving millions of citizens unemployed and without recourse to receive benefits. Many of those unemployed workers are actively seeking employment and are able to work, but the slow economy does not provide enough jobs that fit the skill set of so many of those workers.  Those citizens are scrambling to make last ditch efforts to find ways to earn money, or be forced out of their homes.

Attorney Lombardi: Consumer debt for automobile loans is at an all time high for subprime borrowers. Sound familiar? Remember the subprime mortgage crisis? Well that is the game being played to bail out General Motors (GM). GM has the largest number of subprime loans of all the car makers. Lower your debt because another storm is about to hit.

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