Locating a person whose gone out of business

QUESTION: How can I find the name of a small business owner who's closed but never delivered furniture I paid for?

ANSWER: There are a couple of things you could do.
1. Call the utility company and ask where his last bill was forwarded.
2. Contact the Iowa Secretary of State and search for corporation information using the company name. This you can do online.
3. Are you aware of any relatives that might know his whereabouts?
4. For $1.00 you can fill out a form at the US Post Office in the vicinity where he did business and that post master will provide his change of address.

5. For lawyers there is also Westlaw’s information system.

6. Internet searches in general at sites like Classmates.com may provide contact information or at least a way to communicate with the person.

7. I also check the Iowa Court’s Online docket information for leads.

8. There is the Polk County Jail prisoner list that can prove helpful. Most counties probably have such a list or the jailer may provide information. This is pretty much only for persons who don’t abide by the law.

9. Put an ad in the local newspaper seeking anyone who can provide contact information.

10. Check with the county clerk at the courthouse, because he may be a party to a lawsuit.
I have more suggestions but that is good enough for now.
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