... but delivers nada. 

This scammer has been busy, busy, and busy. The first time I wrote about him, he was none other than Javontae Holloway. That was on November 18, 2013. The last time I heard from an attorney’s office about this scammer was today. Since January 20, 2017 I have received no fewer than twenty-five law firm contacts about this scam. Siince January, lawyers have been contacted in Florida, California, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, New York, Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota and Oregon. Those lawyers in Louisiana were so hot they needed a long cool straw full of Savannah sweet tea in order to cool down. Oh boy, were they hot. 

He continues to claim he is a paraplegic in need of money to pay his rent. Here is one description that will sort of lay out his story.

Carl Torrence called us this morning in Nashville. He was rear-ended by a U-Haul truck on 1-40. Paraplegic. Needed rent and electric paid because his colostomy bags needed to be cleaned. But U-Haul does not do partial payments when he called and asked. And, no he did not have that number with him. But someone named John would be there at 11:30 to sign the release for $1.5 million. He thought they had an umbrella for at least $5 million, a lawyer in Mississippi had all but confirmed it. But he could not wait. As I heard the story, I asked if a wreck this bad was covered in the news. He did not know because he was in the hospital and then recovering at his sisters in MS. So, I googled his name and this blog was the first hit…”

He will claim to either have moved to Texas or some other state to live with a sister. She doesn't exist. She's as fake as is his sorry-ass story.

Carl Torrence called us and is using the phone (662) 228-3685 he gave an address of 133 Maple Street in Columbus Ohio. And claims he was in hospital in room 224. “

Lately he’s been using U-Haul. I contacted the legal department at U-Haul and the head of claims was extremely nice to speak with. He says every Monday he expects half dozen messages from attorneys seeking to talk about Mr. Torrence’s accident, but there is no such accident.

U-Haul’s Claims’ Office description:

“The Adjuster's name was Michael Kennedy from REP WEST or has been Robert Johnson from Sedgwick. Insurance and his number is 1-800-528-7134 ext. 543201. When he called back it said UHAUL on the caller ID.  He couldn't actually say it was a scam until we ASKED was it a scam and he said I’m so glad you asked me that because he wasn't at liberty to say.  But then he said yes it was a scam and he has had a lot of calls.  Normally he is tied up and by the time he calls someone back it’s either too late or they did like us and googled and found out for ourselves.  Claim’s Department – [phone number omitted]”

And then we had this description from a firm in New York.

“Steve: Received a call this morning around 11:00 am, from Carl Torrence. He was using the U-Haul crash scam described on your website. Claimed the insurance company was coming to his apartment at 11:30 to have him sign a $2 million dollar release. He didn't know what to do. His landlord was evicting him and he needed to pay back rent. He was concerned about his Medicaid lien. Said the accident occurred on I-81 in Syracuse, NY. Carl had consulted with an attorney in Houston, where he lives now, and was surprised to learn he needed a NY lawyer to handle his case. All sounded a little unusual. A quick google search of Carl Torrence failed to turn up any serious accidents on I-81 on the day he claimed he was struck from behind by a U-Haul truck with brake failure. Instead I found your blog entries. I asked him if he knew you. He hung up.”

His reference to the Medicaid lien is new. He must be capable of learning. I could spend hours on this every week. I’m sure lawyers do. He does. Imagine if he spent this much time doing something legal? Po' Po' Javontae...

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We just got hit by Carl Torrence. He's moved on to California lawyers. Same U-Haul story, sob story was that his landlord was going to throw him out if he didn't pay rent by 6:00pm or else landlord won't be able to buy meds for his cancer-stricken wife. Thank you for your blog.
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