Like Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice or Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul, Javontae and his band of thieves ARE BACKKKK, still believing that... "It's showtime boys!

  • Markets being worked: Iowa, Louisiana and New York (that we know of).
  • Current Name: Calvin Thomas, Mr. Jackson is still his landlord and Mr. Jackson still is claimed his wife suffers from stage 4 breast cancer.
  • Premise Owner/Possessor: Lowe's
  • Green Dot Cards from CVS and from Walgreens being sought to avoid being evicted by the mean Mr. Jackson.
  • Number used 901 267 9739 number for Sedgwick adjuster Robert Johnson.
  • Number they were using is 225-276-5233. Burner phone assumed.
  • Amount of Settlement being offered: $650,000
  • Injury Claimed: Calvin said he was a paraplegic and that he got crushed by a FedEx truck while working at Lowes.

Practice Tip: If you want to practice in the area of personal injury and workers’ compensation law, but are not willing to put in the time and effort to do it right, then associate with a firm that has successfully practiced. Two of these three firms and their lawyers are not lazy or naïve about this area of law. I am aware that several Iowa law firms were contacted but have not contacted me with information. When a firm does not want their information brought to light it usually means they were taken in by these scammers. What that means to me is that they are naïve about what we do and were likely taken in by the scam artists. These scam artists and those like them prey on lazy lawyers who are willing to cut corners because they are greedy. A rule I have always lived by is this: In this business when you get greedy you lose. Don’t be greedy, lazy or naïve, associate with firms that have successfully navigated civil trial work. If we can help you and your client contact the Lombardi Law Firm.

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