He’s back but getting less and less convincing to lawyers. His business model revolves around trying to find lawyers who are either too lazy to think about the case, or lawyers who allow greed to cloud their reasoning and those who allow excitement to take them outside of their established intake protocol. Here is the contact we received this last week from a lawyer on the east coast.

Comments: Javontae Holloway called my office in West Virginia today. A lot of things about the call did not add up, so we Googled him and found your blog. Thanks!

He focused on this being a negligence claim against Walmart (because the Walmart driver did not set the trailer properly when delivering items to the Fed Ex dock) and not a worker’s comp claim against Fed Ex.  He still used Sedgwick Claims, but did not give an adjuster’s name (although we did not ask for an adjuster’s name).  He did tell us that “an executive from the Memphis office of Sedgwick claims” was on the way from Memphis for him to sign papers and give a recorded statement.  The settlement amount was $850,000 and they were going to pay his rent of $1350, because he was being evicted.  He did not give his landlord’s name (we didn’t ask) and he did not refer to his brother Tyrone.

We were skeptical first because he said this happened in Huntington, Virginia.  He did not seem to know that West Virginia was a separate state from Virginia, although he said he lived here for 3 years working for Fed Ex.  The second thing that I noticed was that although he said he was 26, the voice sounded like a much older person.  The third thing that was suspicious was that he said he had spoken with a lawyer in Louisiana who said he couldn’t take the case because it had to be handled by a West Virginia lawyer.  If the case was legit and with the type of damages he was describing, any lawyer I know would sign it up and associate with local counsel.  Finally, when we asked about whether or not he was receiving comp, he said his benefits had been cut off, which did not make sense under West Virginia law. When we continued to ask questions to try to understand this aspect of the situation, which was when he said he would have to call us back.

At that point, we decided to Google him and we found your blog.  He hasn’t called back so far and we will not be calling him back.  No harm done, other than wasting 45 minutes of my time and making me suspicious of every potential new client that calls now. 


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