You can't get this in an office concourse where just any business is located. Any lawyer who rents in a general office concourse soon figures out why being with other lawyers allows you to be more successful financially. Non-lawyers don't just understand the law and lawyers, but they also shun you because of fear. When you rent space with other lawyers you can actually talk law; talk about your cases and how to win them. Ideas flow as does direction. So join us. 

Over the past five years practicing law hasn’t gotten any easier. For new lawyers finding a job has gotten more difficult. Many newly licensed lawyers hang out the proverbial shingle with the hope of just earning a living. But one aspect of being a sole practitioner is you don't receive mentoring. I've been a sole practitioner since 1986, but for the five years before I went out on my own I practiced with Mosier, Thomas, Beatty, Dutton, Braun & Staack in Waterloo. With Jim Hellman and Tom Staack riding herd on my crude skills they created a solid foundation that has allowed me to practice the law as a sole practitioner. 

Todd Miler and I share office space as sole practitioners, but on a daily basis we have each other to talk shop. And that is what many of the newly licensed lawyers are missing - having the advice of a seasoned lawyer. If you are hard working, honest and willing to learn we are offering an opportunity for you to consider. It is an office sharing arrangement where you get the best of both worlds. You run your own practicd but while sharing office space with Todd, Katrina and I. Here is the offer I'm making and have only three spaces available.

In our office we offer three offices for professionals looking to either start a practice or to have an office during retirement. The idea behind this is twofold. First, lawyers who are just starting out or have been in practice for a few years should consider this an opportunity worthy of consideration for several reasons. Todd, Katrina and I generate a lot of work and we also generate clients with cases we are unable to service. As an example in the past six months we’ve generated referrals in the areas of criminal, divorce, probate, contract and small claim work that we referred on. If a lawyer had been sharing space in our office we would have referred to them rather than just turning down the work. Second, lawyers when first starting a practice need mentoring or I’m fond of say, “curbsiding” where you have the opportunity to discuss cases, law and strategy with other lawyers. I’ve been in practice for over 30 years and Todd for close to 20. While Todd focuses on criminal law I focus on civil law. Todd and I still bounce ideas off of each other. We still today discuss strategy and get each other’s opinion on how to proceed on litigating tough cases. A third benefit is Barbara runs the office, meaning you don't have to manage real estate, you can focus on your practice. You write one check to us and one to whichever phone company you choose, we do the rest. 

Another opportunity with this type of law office environment is best demonstrated with Katrina. Katrina has been practicing for less than two years, but she’s gotten a broader experience than most of her classmates. She has the opportunity to experience and to participate in the litigation of a 30 year practitioner. Depositions, pleadings, discovery, marketing, interviews, researching issues, briefing, motions and all other aspects of a mature civil practice are at her disposal. She can participate in as much as she can handle and as a result her maturity in the practice is growing. Confidence builds from experience and ethical direction along the way. I can tell which lawyers have had good or any mentoring in the first five years of their practice. Good lawyers have good mentoring and that is a benefit of our office concourse concept.

And this opportunity is a good one for lawyers with a part-time practice who are at the end of their careers. Because of the support we provide 24-7-365 you will know that someone is always here to receive documents and to place the mail in your slot while you are away in Arizona or Florida. We monitor the fax machine for emergent situations unless told otherwise. If you have a computer you can receive the documents via email. 

And then there is referral work. They synergistic affects of our practices (criminal and civil specialties) allows us to internally refer work, participate in the work and to generate fee income along the way. This added income offsets the rent paid which for new or part-time of those on their way towards retirement is an added bonus worth consideration.

For the lawyer who is either retired or looking towards retirement in a few years this office concept allows for continued interaction with actively practicing lawyers. Todd, Katrina and I work well together and we enjoy our office interaction. Lawyers who retire soon realize they miss the personal and professional interaction of being in a law office. This office concourse concept is the remedy.

And then there is the added marketing bonus for the newly practicing lawyers. Internet marketing is something new to the practice of law and it’s become a valuable way to generate clients while putting you out there to educate the general public about what we do. It’s both a tool for client generation and public education. I’m constantly developing new techniques to accomplish both. Our office invites those younger, middle aged or older who want to learn and to develop cutting edge Internet marketing for the practice of law. Like it or not this is our future and so you might as well embrace it.

And then there is Molly. Molly is our hall monitor who occasionally visits each lawyer to make sure they are working. She’s the office mascot.

So here is the opportunity.

This is an office concourse where lawyers share space and curbside when they want to confer or refer and either learn how to practice in a new area or for all the other reasons that bringing someone in makes sense. Keep in mind this is not a social club but a busy law practice for serious minded lawyers wanting to practice law. We do refer cases as well and Todd concentrates on criminal while I concentrate on personal injury and workers’ compensation. Todd has been practicing for over 15 years and I have for over 32 years. Katrina Schaefer is a lawyer who works for me.

We have space for six lawyers. Presently there are three, they being Katrina, Todd Miler and myself.

A conference room is available within the suite at no additional charge. There is a large waiting room.

  • There are two offices available in this size, both can be rented with or without furniture. Dimensions of these two offices are 8'-6" x 11'-6". These rent for $650/month unfurnished or $675.00 furnished.
  • There is also one larger office available, with two rooms that if interested we would make a single office or can leave as two. That office is 9' x 12'-6" and 8'-6" x 11'-6". This double office rents for $1,000/month.
  • Each lawyer manages their own office space.
  • Conference room is 12'-6" x 15'.
  • Copies: B&W are $0.10/page and color $0.25/page.
  • Fax: $0.15/page.
  • Postage machine: An account is set up for each attorney and is billed monthly along with rent, copies, and fax counts.
  • A $250 setup fee for your phone is charged by Rankin Communication that will run a phone line from the main box to your personal office. You supply your own phone and answer your own phone. We all have our own separate phone lines and pay for whatever we set up.
  • We all use Skype on our computers so Barbara (my wife), who is out front, can let us know when clients or others arrive and want to see the lawyers. While she's technically not a receptionist she runs the office and manages the building from just inside the reception area. She is there most of the time. If you are in the office when no one is available there is a door bell for them to buzz you and let you know someone is at either door.
  • The office gets cleaned once per week. No additional charge.
  • Parking is free. We park along and enter through the west side.
  • Deposit is one month’s rent.
  • You must be ethical and honest as well as a good edition the environment.
  • We practice efficiently and I teach lawyers how to be successful over the long term. Just keep in mind Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • We welcome your inquiries.

If this looks like something fitting your needs call Barbara for a walk thru or send Steve an email asking for more information.

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