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Can I sue for pain and suffering after a dog attack?
Question Detail: I had my pug dog in my yard. The next door neighbor came around the corner of his house. His 50 lb. shepherd boxer mix male dog charged at me and knocked me down and my 12 lb. pug. I ended up getting stitches in my right hand index finger (5 or so). My dog had 2 punctures in his side and back. My neighbor paid my medical bills and vet bills. He had renters insurance. Since then has moved. I've been advised to sue for pain and suffering. He paid medical bills (about $2500), vet bill ($125), pharmacy bill (around $60). Am I able to sue for pain and suffering? Roughly what amount of money would I be able to sue for (being realistic)? Also would the property owner be liable as well? Would my property owner be liable as well being as it happened on the property where I reside? I am a renter. I am unemployed.

Answer: Yes, you can sue the dog’s owner although making a claim for it may be enough to obtain some compensation for what you've suffered. You only have two years to either settle or file suit. So keep that in mind when acting on hiring a lawyer. Coming into a lawyer's office at the last minute won't be helpful for you or him.

As for suing your landlord, I’m not sure. Referring to your “next door neighbor” could mean a completely different landlord. If by that you mean a co-tenant in the same complex, then you may have a claim against your landlord, but I can’t be certain because liability depends on knowledge and culpability, not just ownership.

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