A home to be built on Lusk Avenue in Iowa City has drawn the ire of the neighbors who claim it might become a party-house. Of course that argument can be made about any house, apartment, condo or townhome. But this one with plans for stadium seating, stadium-style restrooms, a courtyard and several bedrooms seems, at least to neighbors, to be out-of-bounds. The Board of Adjustment, over objections and cat-calls, granted the permit finding the plans met all of the city’s guidelines. A An unidentified couple from Decorah couple are the owners. The home is believed to be 7,500 square feet. You can see the plans by following this link. There will be a replica press box.

Hawk-eyesore? Neighbors sue to block home modeled on stadium

The neighbors have a point about over-building, in terms of the homes size as compared to other houses and whether this is a residence or intended to be either commercial or multi-family. Design considerations aside they might want to go through the plans with a fine-toothed comb looking at every zoning and building code requirement. Follow link to view video.

I for one would not want to try and sell a home that set adjacent to this structure. It could give the wrong impression. Now maybe a lighthouse!

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