Johnson & Johnson has been the subject of many lawsuits in the last few years related to their defective joint devices.  The latest lawsuit began on September 4 in Dallas, Texas, with over 6,000 people part of the class-action suit.  A few plaintiffs were selected to present their individual cases before a jury, which will then help create parameters for the other individuals to settle their cases.  This particular lawsuit involves patients who received the DePuy Pinnacle hip device, that the company pulled from the market in August 2013.  Attorneys argue that DePuy did not properly test the device before selling to consumers, partly due to an FDA provision that allows less stringent testing on new devices if they substantially resemble devices already on the market.  The basis for DePuy to ignore the defects, they argue, was to earn millions in profits before being forced to take the device out of the consumer market.  DePuy's attorney, on the other hand, argues that the patients' problems were caused by improper implantation, and that risks of implant devices have always been known.  This current trial will last several weeks.  The last trial in which Johnson & Johnson defended their implant devices involved a different hip device and settled for $2.5 billion for 8,000 patients.

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