Johnson & Johnson Lawsuits Continue

Johnson & Johnson has been at the center of legal battles over the connection between its talcum powder and evidence to suggest it has led to numerous cases of cancer.  The most recent lawsuit just concluded with a jury verdict in favor of the victim who claimed the company's baby powder caused her to develop ovarian cancer.  The lawsuit occurred in St. Louis and the jury awarded $55 million to the victim.  Several other similar lawsuits had similar results and the company plans to appeal.  A lawyer representing some of the plaintiffs in these cases alleges that the company had documents beginning in the 1970s that indicates an association between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.  There are 1,400 lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson based on its baby powder alone.  The company has faced many other legal issues in recent years, including off-label prescription-drug marketing, litigation over faulty hip and knee parts, and recalls of consumer products including children's Tylenol.

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