Johnson & Johnson is dealing with yet another legal battle over one of their products.  This issue dealt with allegations that the company's subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, promoted an anti-psychotic drug for schizophrenia to patients with dementia.  The FDA warned the company not to market the drug, Risperdal, to elderly patients with no symptoms of schizophrenia.  Janssen also did not adequately warn patients of the risk of stroke while taking the drug.  Johnson & Johnson offered to settle for $2.2 billion to end the legal issues regarding the allegations against Janssen, as well as the sale and marketing of other drugs that the company acquired when it bought Scios.  This settlement is just one of too many recent pharmaceutical legal actions.  Johnson & Johnson alone is the subject of numerous legal issues, including defective joint replacement devices.  Drug companies are slipping into shoddy practices that put patients at risk and undermine the regulations put in place by the FDA to protect consumers.  

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