Millions of people use blood glucose meters to measure their glucose levels in order to prevent a severe diabetic reaction.  Johnson & Johnson’s “LifeScan” unit distributes a glucose monitor that has shown some potential defects that could create severe risks for diabetic patients.  The company is recalling 2 million units of the meters after reports show that the units shut down if the reading shows an extremely high glucose level.  Patients most likely assume that the product is having a glitch, and that it is nothing to be concerned about.  However, the product may be failing to operate because the patient’s glucose level is so high (e.g. 1024 mg/dl) that the unit cannot operate properly, and the patient needs to seek medical attention.  There are 90,000 OneTouch Verio IQ meters in the U.S. that are affected by the recall, and a total of 1.2 million units worldwide.  The other models involved in the recall are the OneTouch Verio Pro and OneTouch Verio Pro+ in other parts of the world.  There are no current reports of patients experiencing adverse reactions due to the unit malfunction in the U.S., but the Food and Drug Administration is aware of the recall and the chief medical officer of the LifeScan unit issued a statement that the company is trying to protect their patients.

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