Johnson & Johnson purchased the Adept hip implant device in 2009 from a manufacturer in the United Kingdom, Finsbury Orthopaedics Ltd.  The device is no longer on the market as of 2011, and now Johnson & Johnson has issued warnings to doctors in 21 countries outside the United States where the 7,500 Adept hip devices were distributed.  The devices are showing a high failure rate and have required about 12% of patients to receive surgery to fix the defect.  Johnson & Johnson distributed the safety notice for these particular devices on January 14, and recommended that patients who already have these implants be monitored according to local medical safety guidelines.  After thousands of United States lawsuits were initiated due to the recall of Johnson & Johnson ASR hip implants in 2010, it is clear that there remain numerous issues with similar hip devices outside the U.S. that may not be quickly resolved.


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