Johnson & Johnson is experiencing a significant decline in quality control, as evidence by numerous recalls in recent years of device implants, such as for the hip and knee.  More recently, they are also showing signs of quality issues within their pharmaceutical deparment.  In the last two weeks, the company recalled an antipsychotic drug called Risperdal Consta after finding mold within test samples, and also recalled 200,000 bottles of liquid Motrin for infants after finding plastic particles.  The foreign ingredients involved in both recalls were tied to outside manufacturers.  The are no reports of harm from these drugs, and the company states that the risk to patients is low.  However, after all the other issues and recalls Johnson & Johnson has experienced in the last few years, the damage to their reputation is not improving.  The new CEO, Alex Gorsky, is emphasizing his goal to focus on quality and in so doing, he states, the company is more likely to recall products in an attempt to be overly cautious and protect the consumers.

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