SCAM UPDATE FOR FEBRUARY 25, 2014: Our friend going by the name of Javontae Holloway has been busy of late. Since my last post I have received emails from lawyers in Texas, Ohio, Louisiana, California and Missouri. He and his band of gypsies have moved on from Minnesota after not catching a single fish; at least not that we are aware. Apparently the lakes were full of walleye and pike’s but for some odd reason the fish just weren’t biting. Seems no fish would bite after our posts about this scam were published in The Verdict. It seems those lawyers surrounding the 10,000 lakes that Babe created passed the word by posting our story on their trial lawyer’s listserv. [Law Practice: The Paraplegic Scam and the story of Po Javontae ...] Not wanting our brethren at the north end of I-35 to feel left out we published a new story, FedEx-WalMart Scam Update: What Babe the Blue Ox Has in Common with Javontae?


But a good scammer never sleeps and his earning power can only be fully realized by finding the next bigger fool. Lawyers who get caught up with the GreenDot card scam often times are self-selecting. They allow greed to overcome reason and get sloppy in the process of signing up what may seem like a big fish. But this fish is slimy and it is wiggling in a southerly direction. For our friend going by the name of Javontae this life of crime is a lot of work. Not wanting to be deterred a new day seems to be dawning, but now he's scamming at the south end of I-35.

Last week he started working Texas and I am pretty sure he thinks there is some oil in the Long Horn State. Of course the people of Texas don’t take kindly to cattle rustlers and I suspect they will view a guy committing financial fraud about as likeable as one spending a couple millions dollars drilling a dry hole.

For you lawyers down in Texas please understand this hombre’ is all hat and no cattle. I have sat on a horse at the south end of north bound cattle and the smell in this instance will not be any more pleasant. Here is the lineup for the cattle drive this good old boy Javontae will try and sell you.


He called us in Beaumont, Texas today; same story – rent, etc.  Mr. Johnson, Mr. Jackson, the whole thing. He claims to be in Napoleonville, LA needing $1350 in rent today for Mr. Jackson who’s going to evict him.  Claims he’s getting an $850K settlement tomorrow, etc., etc.


Comments: I got Javontae Halloway number from an attorney in Marysville. We talked to him several times and also his brother Tyron. His story was that he was working at FedEx and had injury unloading a truck at Wal-Mart on 3/13/13 in Bakersfield; he is paralyzed and had colostomy and indwelling bladder catheter. He said his family brought him to Louisiana and he has been evicted because he owes $11,070 in rent to his landlord. Sedgwick (a TPA) flew someone out to have him sign C&R for $800,000 and would pay landlord $11,070 once he signed. Every time he called me, Sedgwick was at the door or he had to leave with landlord to get settlement notarized or his phone was out of power so call Tyrone’s number ... and he would call back in 30 min. Thank you for posting this blog about Javontae Holloway - he's gotten better at what he does. He did not ask me for money. He wanted me to set aside the settlement once he signed it.


Comment: I have been referred this case by co-counsel several times. Each time here in Ohio, it is an explosion that just happened that day at one of the major companies (I have been sent it from Ford, Steris, Lincoln Electric . . . ). The company knows they were wrong and was previously cited. They have approached him to settle for $800,000 and are coming by the house that evening. Aside from it being Ohio and a different company, it's the same game. I had a co-counsel this past week say they were going to meet with him regardless on the off chance there was a case. I explained that I disagreed with the approach, to call with any questions and ABSOLUTELY do not offer anything.


I came across your blog post today after I received a call from Mr. Holloway.  It sounded too good to be true so I Googled his name. I am an attorney in Kansas City, MO.  He told the same story you have listed on your blog.  He had the following information:

  • Phone: (225)349-9532

  • Address: 111 E. Little Texas Road

  • Napoleonville, LA 70390

Thank you for alerting us about this scammer, luckily we only wasted a few minutes of our time.  Your blog is providing a great public service.  

RESOURCE LIST:  Resources about this continuing saga:

If this good old boy from Louisiana contacts you drop us a line. We won't publish your name only the basic facts. 

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The man, calling himself Randy Lee Williams, claims that while working for Fedex Ground in Bakersfield as a forklift driver he was paralyzed from the waist down when the truck he was unloading moved. The truck was owned by Walmart. He was “informed” that he had two kinds of cases – a workers’ comp and a personal injury case. He explained that the WC adjuster had terminated TD because he was not treating within the MPN, and as a consequence he was in arrears for rent for 3 months - $1350. He had, in the interim, relocated back to Napoleonville, LA (not far from where I went to law school). He then texted me a copy of a Release which he had brokered with Sedgwick for settlement of the personal injury case for $750,000. He said that Sedgwick agreed that if he would sign the release and have it notified, they would have someone pay his rent so that he wouldn’t be evicted. He didn’t ask, but he clearly was inviting me to pay the rental arrears to prevent him from settling the case before I could get hired. I very, very much wanted to believe that this was real, but I told him that lawyers were often the target of scams, and that before I could help him I would need to see a copy of the correspondence from the claims adjuster so that could call and verify the existence of the claim. I told him to go somewhere where he could fax copies of the documents, and he said he would and that he would call me back. I suspect I’ve heard the last of him. I then did a search and found that I am one of many attorneys to have been the intended victim of this scam. Apparently Randy Lee Williams runs his scam using other names and factual scenarios. He called from 225-200-1627, a Baton Rouge LA number.
by Andrew Kopp, Oakland, CA August 11, 2014 at 05:37 PM
I am a longtime Oklahoma workers' comp lawyer. I smelled a rat when I was referred this case. This time, the FedEx accident supposedly happened in Oklahoma. He is using the name of Troy Williams in Napoleonville, Louisiana. Larry Jackson is the landlord who needs his money right now. The threat was that Wal Mart was paying Williams 1.2 million the next day. I asked to speak to Mr. Jackson, who supposedly lives 2 doors down. All of them spoke with great Cajun accent. Mr. Jackson said his wife was in stage 4 cancer and needed money for medicine. Wal Mart, via Sedgwick, was meeting him the next morning at Walgreens to buy him a card that could be converted into cash. He said if I could get someone to loan him money by 9 a.m., he would reconsider. If he didn't hear from, he said, he was signing the Wal Mart release. Things didn't add up. If he was paraplegic surely the comp carrier would not have shut his temporary disability off this quickly. He also said he had been denied Social Security Disability. Also, I do not believe Wal Mart would settle a large paraplegic third party claim without considering Medicare's interest. So, I went with my gut and said no. Then, I was directed to your blog. Keep getting the word out.
by Bob Burke, Attorney March 19, 2014 at 01:44 PM
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