We did have contact with a lawyer from Ohio who recalls this scam from several years back. That version was a little bit different and we suspected lawyers should be aware about this scams evolution. Read what this lawyer from Ohio related to us about Javontae’s earlier version of what has evolved into the WalMart-FedEx Scam. Notice the accident is a factory explosion not a negligent act of hooking up a ramp being used by a forklift driver. 


Comment: I have been referred this case by co-counsel several times. Each time here in Ohio, it is an explosion that just happened that day at one of the major companies (I have been seen it from Ford, Steris, Lincoln Electric . . . ). The (story is that the) company knows they were wrong and was previously cited. They have approached him to settle for $800,000 and are coming by the house that evening. Aside from it being Ohio and a different company, it's the same game. I had a co-counsel this past week say they were going to meet with him regardless on the off chance there was a case. I explained that I disagreed with the approach, to call with any questions and ABSOLUTELY do not offer anything.


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