Statement of Charges and Settlement Agreement [SA] – Case number one: Issue was pre-signing prescriptions and allowing a nurse to fill out the remainder of the prescription blanks on multiple occasions over a four year period, between 2008 and 2012. The allegations are the nurse obtained numerous controlled substances by altering the prescriptions to allow for refills and by calling in prescriptions that were not authorized for family members and family friends. SA issued a $5,000 penalty and required a professional ethics programs. Curent action was a SA Termination Order and returned to full privileges free and clear, of all restrictions.

In case number two, alcohol related convictions and a diagnosis of alcohol abuse as alleged led to probation and licensing restrictions. I was not comfortable related the remainder of the facts because those presented seemed somewhat incompletely described. You can read it for yourself. 

The January 8, 2015, Press Release regarding physicians who were recently disciplined has been posted on the PRESS RELEASES page.

You can read this latest Press Release by going HERE.

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