The second person arrested and confined in the Woodbury County Jail during this year has been found dead. I became interested in this area of personal injury law some fifteen years ago and did some research on it. I once asked the then Chief Judge about it because I was curious about why the law allowed a person that takes their own life a right to sue. He explained it to me and I later researched the law finding the County owes a duty to guard those who may appear or be likely to be suicidal from their own proclivities. You see once you are arrested you lose the right to decide what will happen to you and how to keep yourself safe. At that point the government or law enforcement agency confining you takes over that duty. If this man had dependents they may be able to successfully sue the county for failing to protect the man they jailed. This Woodbury County case may actually be actionable.

Autopsy: Woodbury County Jail death was suicide

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