You might be able to but without knowing what to do and when to do it you will likely wreck your case and then no lawyer will be able to rescue you. 

For thirty years I've watched people try to do what has become second nature for me. And still I have to say you can't work your own personal injury or workers' compensation case. Here is a prime example of of how quickly things will start to go wrong. 

This man probably has a valuable Iowa workers’ compensation claim; it is the kind Iowa lawyers see every year. But in this case the person injured is trying to settle his own claim after doing a little Internet research. Now understanding 1% of what he needs to know and believing he is knowledgeable about how to settle his own case he contacts the adjuster and thinks he can now work his own case. But with 1% of the necessary knowledge you have to wonder, if he is really ready to play lawyer? Does he understand enough about Iowa workers’ compensation law to be his own lawyer? In this case there is no question he's not ready. So let’s see why so soon after making one offer to settle he is now asking an Iowa workers’ compensation lawyer for free advice.

Question: What if I made the adjuster in my Iowa workers’ compensation claim an offer to settle the case and did it without an attorney and before doing research and realized I way low balled it? An insurance agent left a message for me to callback and talk about the claim? Can I up the settlement with the information I've obtained?

Answer: You can withdraw your last offer before it is accepted and make a new offer. You may be hurting your claim without even knowing it because unlike a lawyer you are not trained to understand the law of Iowa personal injury claims. You may want to hire an attorney to negotiate a settlement of your Iowa personal injury claim. In the end it could save you a lot of money.

Are you smart enough to negotiate with an adjuster who does this every day? There are so many ways to ruin your case so let's list just ten of them.


  1. The statute of limitations.
  2. Saying too much.
  3. Saying too little.
  4. Forgetting to put in all the damages.
  5. Not asking for all the damages.
  6. Not getting the right medical records.
  7. Not obtaining the right medical opinions.
  8. Not knowing when a vocational evaluation is needed.
  9. Not knowing when an independent medical examination is needed.
  10. Not knowing when the company chosen doctor is wrecking your case.

These ten are 1% of what can go wrong. The adjusters push your case towards any of them. Why? Because that's their job. You might even think a lawyer can hold your hand as you entertain the idea of being a do-it-yourself claim work, but they can't simply because there are way too many traps along the way to warn you about all of them. There are times when we just sense this is not a good way to go and that's not something you can anticipate until it becomes apparent.

So good luck and when the quicksand begins to suffocate you call an Iowa workers' compensation lawyer.

Steve Lombardi
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