Question Detail: I went to a dentist back in August of 2012 to get fillings done and he numbed my mouth and all and I didn't feel any pain, about 1 wk later I noticed half of my back tooth was missing and its painful and it's just getting worse even when I eat sometimes I have to put tooth ache meds on it. He didn't even tell me about the situation but when my appt was done I noticed he was trying to get me out of the office faster than before. Is there anything I can do about this?

Answer: You're not a dentist so your opinions regarding "malpractice", in the eye of the law are not sufficient. You need the opinion of another dentist who is willing to write a report and to testify on your behalf that the care provided fell below the standard of care in the community. Until then you have just lay opinions and these will not carry the day in court. Stick with the facts and let the experts express opinions about malpractice. Find a lawyer who practices in this area and who is willing and financially capable of financing the litigation. These are time consuming and expensive cases. Good luck. 

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