Is there a minimum amount to be received for a broken elbow?

Maximizing DamagesQuestion: How much money is the minimum I could expect from slipping causing a broken elbow?
Question Detail: In January 2011, I slipped visiting a friend at an apartment complex because of improper removal of snow, and no sand. I was out of work for three months in a cast.

Quick Answer: A pillow tosser has little in common with a grand pianist.

Answer: That was the question I was asked and it’s a good time to explain why a lawyer representing himself has a fool for a client. In the practice of personal injury law there are very few set rules when damages are concerned. In the case of a broken bone, such as a broken “elbow”, there are even fewer guarantees. It’s safe to just say there is no minimum.

We need to look at the amount of medical expense, whether the medical bill was paid by insurance, if so is there subrogation, who is owed the subrogation and what are they willing to settle up for, was the injured person at fault, if so how much can reasonably be attributed to their own behavior, what was the cause of the fall and is that related to the property owner’s lack of maintenance along with a whole host of other issues that need to be evaluated. We might have the exact same injury to two different people and the results can be nothing close to being the same. As an example, what if a person fell because the owner threw water on the floor and the person’s broken elbow now prohibited them from doing their job as a $250,000 per year grand pianist for the New York Philharmonic? Same injury, but this person tosses pillows at a pillow factory for $22,000 per year. What then?

Hire a lawyer that understands personal injury and who understands how to evaluate your case. 

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