Javontae Holloway, Troy Williams Gets an "A" For Effort

By now I would have thought this guy would give it up and move onto trying to scam some other group, which he may be doing as well, but he just won't go away. Who knows why, but anything is possible when you don’t want to work to earn an honest living. Well maybe this guy isn’t as smart as I had given him credit. Perhaps he is as dumb as a post and can’t read. Or else maybe, just maybe he works for a group that hates lawyers who represent the injured and sue to hold those ripping us off responsible for their misdeeds.

Before my last post on November 21, 2014 I had written no fewer than twenty-two posts about how this scam works. And from the calls and emails I continue to receive he is not slowing down. Today is post number twenty-three and I am going to guestimate there will be fifty before whoever is behind this scam gets caught by the FBI. So where has he been working since November 21st?

I have been contacted by law firms in Buffalo, NY; Portland, OR; several places in California; New Orleans, LA, Jacksonville, FL; Albany, NY and Ganzales, LA to name just a few.

Has anything changed?

Not much. He uses a little different name and has spun the facts every so slightly, but this scammer sticks to his tried and true story about being a paraplegic after being sandwiched between the delivery dock by a FedEx Truck. That is slightly different then it was when I first encountered him. You will remember with me the forklift overturned after the WalMart dock worker failed to properly hook the ramp.

Let us see what the lawyers and their staff are telling me. Here is a one recent story he tells.

The guy from the incident over the summer, "Randy Lee Williams of 111 Alvin Street, Napoleonville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana," actually messaged me a copy of the proposed release for $750,000. He claimed he was desperate for money and was contemplating signing it. I still have a copy of the release.  It allegedly involved "Sedgwick Claims Management Services, 6935 Appling Farms Pkwy, Memphis, County, Tennessee."  I threw that address in the Google and called the claims office.  As it turns out, Sedgwick no longer has an office at that location.  There were a couple other red flags in the release as well.  

    The guy from the summer also needed me to talk to his landlord.  The landlord's wife also had cancer.  He wanted me to go to Rite Aid or Walgreens to purchase a pre-paid debit card.  At that point I already knew the release was fake and figured the whole thing was a scam - not before wasting a couple hours of my morning. 

And earlier his pitch to a NY firm sounded like this:

I just got off the phone with a nice young man from Columbus Mississippi named Troy Williams. Troy, as his story went, was injured by a FedEx truck at a Lowe's store in Rochester New York 3 1/2 months ago. He wanted to retain me because an adjuster was coming to his house to have him sign a settlement check and he wanted to know whether he should sign it or not.
This would be the part where all of you come in…
Troy's landlord, who conveniently happened to be doing some work in Troy's apartment at the time, told me that he needed me to send him money for Troy's back rent immediately or else Troy was going to be put on the street. Troy, of course, was paralyzed from the waist down in this horrible FedEx accident.
I would love to tell you that my Spidey Sense tingled so acutely that I immediately dismissed this and hung up on it. But no, they had me going for a little while and I almost sent them the $1400 so that poor Troy did not get kicked out of his apartment the week before Christmas. (did I mention that the landlord needed the money sent right away because the landlord's wife has stage four cancer and needs her medication this afternoon?)
Fortunately, a lawyer in Iowa actually had a blog page devoted to a related scam pulled by the same guys.
Armed with the knowledge that they were attempting to scam me…and that my children's college education apparently has not been paid for in one fell swoop… I then enjoyed a conversation with them where I told them I was getting onto a plane as we spoke to fly to Mississippi. Interestingly enough, they then reduced the amount that the landlord needed from $1400 to $700.
At that point, I couldn't help it and I started laughing. I told them that I had enjoyed our little chats this morning but I had to get back to doing some real legal work…as well as warning all of the other plaintiffs’ lawyers in western New York about the scam.


And here is from Portland: 

Steve, Since you seem to enjoy tracking this scumbag, I thought I'd let you know that we just received a call from "Troy Johnson" at 225-620-7812, running the same scam that you've described on your website. It's the second time in about 6 months that he's tried to scam our firm.  We're in Portland, OR. Do you have an active contact with an investigatory agency? I just talked to him this morning. Would love to help get this guy caught.

And from Florida:

Nice talking to you.  I called Mr. Troy Johnson back and got his address 133 Maple St. Columbus MS 39702.  His DOB is 9/12/87 and soc 438-27-8392.  Requesting the social security number clearly threw him, he was obviously making a number up on the fly.  The adjusting company is claim management services, but his sister has all of his paperwork in a shoe box at her house, he said I could come and get it from him after I fly out there.  His landlord, Mr. Jackson, is waiting for me to go to CVS and give him a 14 digit code on a green dot money card.  I may call back with a bogus code to waste his time like he has mine.  I now am pretty certain there is only one person, the landlord has a ridiculous cajunesque accent.

And back to Albany, NY:

Dear Mr. Lombardi: I don’t know if someone else at our firm let you know, but we received a call and I made a follow up call today, from a person that fits the description you provided on your website. Below are my notes:

Contacted By
First Name: Troy
Last Name: Johnson
Address: 111 Alvin Street
City: Napoleonville
State: LA
Zip Code: 70390
Cell Phone: (225) 620-7812
Injured Party
First Name: Troy
Last Name: Johnson
Actions Taken: E-mail Sent
Saw Add On TV: No
Marketing Source: Internet/Website- P&S
Liability: other
Case Facts: TSM I attempted to reach Mr. Johnson multiple times throughout the day with no reply as of yet. My first detailed message asking for call back was at 10 a.m.  Called at 2:10 p.m.
Called again at 3:30 p.m.

Called this morning spoke with him.

April 15th, 2014  Fedex truck came with hardware, and pinned him, broken vertebrae, he can’t walk. He claims he called and asked them to settle, they offered $375,000. He is in New Orleans. He was supposed to go to an MD, and missed the appointment, and they stopped his payments and meds due to missing the appointment. He says he is paralyzed. He needs someone to pay the rent today, it is urgent. He agreed to the amount, and he is meeting with them today to get the money. He has a 3 year old daughter, and landlord wants to get paid today or he will be kicked out. He may have already signed something, but then he said "I ain't signed nothing yet" He says he is going to be evicted this week if the landlord isn't paid back rent since April and he "ain't going to no nursing home."
Comments: This man left a message over the weekend with our answering service, when I called him back to get some information he was very short with me because he said the insurance company is meeting with him this morning, they want to settle this case. He told me quickly that he worked at Lowe's and while unloading a truck he got crushed between the truck and a forklift operated by another employee. Broken back, paralyzed from the waist down. He would not give me his address, just said to have an attorney call him ASAP.  (Front desk note)

Conclusion: This guy runs fast for someone who is allegedly a paraplegic. He does have a rudimentary understanding of how workers’ compensation works but seems to miss some of the current law on the coordination of benefits with the Social Security Disability Program. This scam is a hot missile for those who do not understand personal injury law and want to make a quick buck. Is it possible this guy is someone working for the American Tort Reform Association or one of the other tort reform organizations? This may be one way they fund such an organization. Perhaps that is why they would not release their donor list to me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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