Remember Melissa Lewis? If you dont' know about her read my blogs below. Don’t ever forget her. My guess is Tony Villegas thinks about her all the time. He must also think about Scott Rothstein the Fort Lauderdale lawyer who has now plead guilty of a $1B+ Ponzi scheme involving his ‘friends’ and colleagues. I first wrote about Mr. Rothstein’s law firm when one of the lawyers in his firm turned up dead.

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Melissa’s best friend’s husband was ultimately charged with her murder. Now Tony Villegas might be an easy target but he’s far from being the one with the slam-dunk motivation to do a murder. He’s yet to be tried and is a long-long way from being convicted. You might want to know why I’d think Tony is far from being a slam dunk murderer. Well it has to do with the weak motive the prosecution alleges against Tony Vee, along with Melissa being honest and working in a law firm where the main subject was how to keep stealing money and keeping it quiet. Honest lawyers can’t last in a criminal enterprise. Honest people are like sand in gears – they gum it up and make terribly loud noise. Because of it they have a very short shelf life.

I can see paragraph one,

“… The partners were getting nervous. They’d made her a partner just to control her movements. She was young, bright and everything had gone well with the transition from slave associate to anointed partner. They hoped she’d fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Whatever she thought she saw she’d soon forget. Lost in a new law partner’s favorite pastime she would busy herself with spending her new found fame and fortune. She’d never know where the money came from and yeah they’d lose a bit here and there to make her think the firm was a financial success but it was worth it. It was worth every dime they had to spend to keep the Ponzi alive. The idea was to keep the main fish busy and from asking too many questions about how the “investments” were cooking. Problem is Lewis was still a major pain. She was too honest. “She’s as honest as the day is long.”, was how they described her at the partner induction ceremony. Those were the bloody words used to describe her, even by her best friend.

She wasn’t just a problem she was their problem and one that needed to be taken care of and quickly.”

If you were Melissa ask yourself who would be more likely to want you dead? Now remember everyone is impressed with your honesty?

Would the most likely person be …

1. A person who is jealous that their wife spends too much time with her best friend?

2. Or someone who is trying to hide a $1.3 billion theft scheme?


Hmmmm…. This is a tough one. Can anyone help the Broward County Prosecutor with this one? Perhaps the U.S. Attorney’s office can lend a hand.


On January 27th Scott Rothstein plead guilty to operating the Ponzi scheme. He’s awaiting sentencing. Here is page one of the Plea Agreement.

Now let’s look at the 11th paragraph of the plea agreement involving the Ponzi scheme. Ask yourself what does the government think is a possible motive for violence.


11. This agreement resolves the defendant's federal criminal liability in the Southern

District of Florida growing out of any criminal conduct by the defendant known to the United States

Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida as of the date of this plea agreement. Said

provision does not prohibit potential prosecution for any acts of violence presently unknown to the

United States.

Anyone can be framed for a murder. But ask yourself, who has the necessary motive? And is the Broward County forensics lab cleared by Rothstein's confession and plea of guilt? Hardly.

I rest my case.

Next let's look at the issue of DNA on the jacket.

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