Iowa Workers’ Compensation – The Power of the Written Doctor’s Report

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Let's talk today about how workers' compensation benefits are secured under iowa law and for that matter under most state work comp laws. We are going to focus on the written doctor's report because it's a simple but a necessary thing to have in your case.

Know this: To get benefits you need a doctor's opinion that you're injury is work related. That means a doctor has to say your reason for needing medical treatment and care is related to a work event. Get that opinion in writing and it's like gas in your truck's tank. If you don't have a written opinion then the benefit engine won't turn over.

So think about written medical opinions like you do fuel in the gas tank. No fuel and the engine won't turn over and start. You can crank on the ignition all day and nothing will happen. Add fuel to the tank and the engine will start up and you can move ahead.

That's true too for the workers' compensation benefit's engine. Using written medical opinions as fuel, fill up your tank and the workers' compensation benefit engine will start; no medical opinion and you go nowhere.

So whatever you do get good advice from a qualified lawyer and get a properly worded and written medical opinion.

Doctor's this advice is to you too. A well written medical report, letter or opinion will go a long way to reducing the amount of time you need to expend in getting paid or in dealing with the high priced spies the workers' compensation insurance company sends over to pester you. A poorly worded letter that dances around the issue will lead to more wasted time than Carter has pills. Be brief, but thorough and know your facts.

Steve Lombardi
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