The Ames Chamber of Commerce argues that workers getting to choose the treating physician will result in a higher cost for workers compensation and for that reason alone Senate Study Bill 1119 should be rejected. They Chamber is as wrong as wrong can be. I don’t believe that can be true and if it does prove to be true there is an easy solution.

First of all workers need to work or else their jobs will leave and head overseas to China; I think by now they all know this to be true. Second, employers and their insurance carriers spend an inordinate amount of money with case managers and other ancillary semi-professionals attempting to manage the care. End the tug-of-war and let the employees decide who gets to cut on them. It’s the dignified thing to do.  If the employee is choosing the doctor the employer will no longer have to spend the time and money doing this so there should be savings overall.

Lastly, if the costs do for some reasons increase then the employers and insurance carriers have another sensible option; they ca start managing the costs of medical services. There is no one in this business who is managing the medical service providers and what they charge.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield does manage cost for its insured’s so why isn’t someone doing it for the employers. It’s that simple. Stop whining and move on to more important issues.

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