A contract worker at Spencer, Iowa school, Johnson Elementary School was hospitalized after he fell what appears to be the roof. The man whose name was not disclosed was a roofer and suffer back and leg pain which may indicate a spinal cord area injury. Back injuries involving the spine and discs are serious personal injury-workers’ compensation claims and should not be taken lightly. We handle about 50-50 personal injury and workers compensation clients. Our case load seems to fluctuate with the year but overall we are an Iowa Personal Injury, Iowa Car Accident and Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law Firm. Call us if we can help you protect your rights to receive insurance benefits. Roofer Hurt In Fall In Spencer, Iowa.

And in Waterloo, Iowa a worker was killed in a trench collapse while building sewer for a housing project. We’ve written a lot about trench collapse safety for Iowa’s workers and employers. See “trench collapse” results at Lombardi Law Firm. Updated information from Waterloo, Iowa trench collapse case.

“WATERLOO, Iowa — Waterloo Fire Rescue officials have confirmed construction worker Deea Lauritzen, 35, of Jesup, died Friday from injuries sustained in a trench collapse at a worksite on San Marnan Drive.

Pat Treloar, director of fire services for the city, said Saturday that Lauritzen was deceased upon arrival of his crew at around 1:30 p.m. after the west side of the trench caved in on the woman.

Treloar said firefighters worked for three hours to pull the body from the thick, sticky clay of the trench that was at least 10 feet deep.”

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