Just a shoulder injury, is rare

Forget that simple shoulder injury; report it all, toss in the kitchen sink!

The Iowa legislature is trying to make your shoulder injury nothing more than a functional loss. They are cheating you for the sake of the trucking companies, the concrete owners, the meat pack owners and the manufacturers. They are putting the screws to the working men and women of this country. And hiding behind each other in the process. 

Every Republican in the House voted for the bill and every Republican in the Iowa Senate voted to cheat you.

Which means you need to think before describing your injury either on the accident report, the First Report of Injury, to the company nurse or at the first medical appointment. The company doctor is going to try and minimize your injury by isolating it to just the shoulder.

In the past we could easily get away with amending the claim via the Petition, but now the fight will be on to limit the extent of your injury to just the shoulder.

If you injured your neck, your back, your chest or under your arm to your rib area, you have to say it and say it early and often.

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