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It’s referred to as a full commutation. Widows and widowers whose spouse died while working are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for life so long as they don’t marry. If they marry then two-years of benefits in a lump sum. But you can convert the entire stream of lifetime benefits to one lump sum if you are not actively planning on getting married. In other words if you walk into the lawyers office wearing an engagement ring ethically the lawyer can’t file for a full commutation and remain ethical. Anyone receiving lifetime benefits should contact us to schedule a meeting just to discuss your options. It’s better to know your rights even if you have no intention of getting married anytime in the future. Call us to schedule an appointment. [515-222-1110] This will not be a free consultation. This case below may qualify; it’s one example of a death claim.

Man dies after being pinned while working at Ames construction company; death deemed accident

Steve Lombardi
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