Iowa unemployment benefits are not a game: if you want to stay eligible, stay on your toes

Getting unemployment benefits is not for the lazy.  Iowa Workforce Development has a number of requirements for applicants, and even once you’ve filed your claim, you have to be vigilant and active to make sure you stay eligible. 

If you want to receive benefits every week, you need to contact Iowa Workforce Development every week.  You will have to search for work, write down all the major details about your work search, and certify to IWD that you are searching for work.  You have to be prepared to hand in your work search form to IWD whenever asked.  You have to tell IWD about any earnings you make and about any job offers you turn down.  The list goes on.  The point is, this is your responsibility.

Case in point: Calvin Fuller, Claimant.  Mr. Fuller filed for unemployment benefits and received them after a hearing.  But his employer appealed the award of benefits.  Mr. Fuller didn’t show up for the appeal hearing, but representatives of his employer did.  The administrative law judge ruled against Mr. Fuller and took away his benefits.  Mr. Fuller later explained that he hadn’t received the notice of appeal due to a change in address, but it was too late.  Maybe he would have lost his benefits even is he had known of and been at the hearing, but the fact is he missed it because he forgot to provide notice of his change of address.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Do everything you can to stay eligible for unemployment benefits.

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Source.  Decided September 13, 2013.

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