Every Saturday this law firm posts the current Iowa State Patrol fatality and injury report list so our out-of-state clients and potential clients have access to the latest word from the Iowa State Patrol. If you have questions about what the investigating officer's report means, or how to interpret it, give Steve Lombardi a call at 515-222-1110 or send him an email at [email protected]. Here are the injury reports for December 29, 2010.

In today's Iowa Patrol injury reports we have a normal Iowa snowfall number of accidents being reported to the ISP. There are over 127 accident reports, obviously too many to discuss. So let us select a few of the more serious and interesting ones to talk about.

Interstate 80 - Look at report #4 under the minimal report section for this one. This one is at interstate 380 southbound at I-80. This location I'm familiar with. The driver of the first car, the 2007 Chevy Cobalt is driving south on I-380 and is attempting to exit onto I-80 just south of Cedar Rapids and west of Coralville/Iowa City. For some reason he did not negotiate the curve, hit the guardrail and then got into a collision with a second car. Charges are apparently pending as noted in the report. The driver of the second vehicle, a semi-truck, is Paul Schade from Hager City, Wisconsin. The driver of the first car was taken to the hospitals in Iowa City.

See report #10 under the full report section is about an "accident" on I-80 between two cars, one being some type of law enforcement vehicle with emergency lights flashing was rear ended by the vehicle they were trying to get to stop.

Report #8 is about a snow plow accident. We've tried a case involving a snow plow and you get no sympathy or even empathy from the judge and jury. They are tough cases to evaluate and to be persuasive about. In this instance a car stops behind what appears to be a snow plow; the snow plow driver backs up right into the car. Now ordinarily you might think this is an easy case to win since the driver to the rear had stopped, but if you've every plowed snow you know the saying goes you'd better have eyes in the back of your head. The first question coming to mind is how close did the person stop to the rear and why didn't they give the plow enough room to maneuver. When you see a plow you need to give them room and you should watch their movements to make sure they have enough room and time to avoid you. I say this because last time I took anatomy, in 1973 or 74 you don't have eyes on the back of your head.

There are way too many to review and it being the day after Christmas my family will be up again very soon so I'm done for today. If you want your case evaluated contact me and we can talk. It normally takes a short time to figure out who is at fault, although not always. Happy holidays.

Steve Lombardi


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