Amgen recently settled allegations having to do with how it marketed two leading medications. The total payout was $72,000,000 of which Iowa will get $972,000.

Iowa Attorney General

The claims have to do with how anemia drug Aranesp and psoriasis drug Enbrel were marketed off-label. Off-label has to do with how a drug is used. Some prescribed uses are not approved by the FDA, even though the drug may work to alleviate symptoms for other medical conditions. Knowing this, doctors prescribe the drug off-label for these other conditions.

Drug salesmen knowing if they promote the off-label uses it will promote the unapproved uses (while increasing Big Pharma's profits!) market those off-label uses. This is true even though they know the FDA hasn’t yet approved such use and may never approve those uses.

When they get caught someone has to give up the profit. In this case the Iowa Attorney General pocketed almost a million bucks for the Governor!

I doubt the Governor is complaining.

Anyone I have ever met who is promoting tort reform have refused to sign a pledge to never sue over personal injury because they know what this police officer in Africa has failed to learn. Neither Iowa's Attorney General or Governor Branstad would every sign such a pledge!

Go Governor you are looking more and more like a real attorney!

Steve Lombardi
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