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Every so often The Iowa Edict provides a sort of compendium of current Iowa personal injury and property damage news in what I refer to as a compendium of recent Iowa personal injury news. The idea is to provide a shorter version of available stories to personal injury lawyers and those engage in law suits involving personal injury or workers' compensation.

A two-car collision in Iowa City at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Mormon Trek Boulevard caused one of the vehicles to strike a pedestrian Iowa City flag worker doing maintenance work. This is one of those examples of a work related accident also creating a third-party lawsuit which the workers' compensation carrier will encourage. Under Iowa law the work comp carrier seeks to recover what it pays in workers' compensation benefits from the driver's insurance company that ran the red light.  This case could be categorized as a workers' compensation case, a car accident or a pedestrian case.

Police in Webster City shot a man after he exited his car allegedly with a gun. The stop was a simple traffic stop for suspicion of an OWI driver, which from the report it's not a conclusion this driver was the right person. Officer according to standard operating procedures is on paid leave of absence. Is that sort of like a paid holiday? Why isn't he in the office working? Update: Officer involved in Webster City shooting is identified, Des Moines Register

Salmonella remains a front-page story here in Iowa. Two Iowa farms are being linked to it by tests conducted by the FDA. Salmonella was found in chicken feed. The allegation is that the feed found at Wright County Egg contained an ingredient from Central Bi-Products. Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes there have been 1,470 illnesses.

The Des Moines Diocese alleges that more than $600,000 was stolen electronically from its Bankers Trust account. This is something that requires some attention.  Here is a quote from the Des Moines Register story:

"The thieves are believed to be "a highly sophisticated operation most likely based overseas" who transferred the money "to numerous recipients across the United States on Aug. 13 and 16," the diocese said in a statement announcing the theft.

Bankers Trust alerted the diocese to the fraud on Aug. 17. The bank immediately shut down relevant bank accounts and began a process to recover the funds. "To date, approximately $180,000 has been recovered," the diocese said."

Flood damage in Iowa is expected to reach $150,000,000. That includes roads, bridges and other public facilities.

A woman from Clear Lake, Iowa thinking it wouldn't be good to drive after drinking is allegedly in trouble for having her 11-year-old daughter drive the car. Reportedly she was sitting on 3 phone books, had no seat belt on and her feet barely touched the pedals. The mother was put on probation for a year. I have to give the woman credit for not driving; she did avoid the OWI charge.  KCCI has its own report. Follow the link.

Five female workers filed suit against Manley Toy Direct claiming sexual harassment or a work environment that allowed such behavior to exist.  See also the KCCI report titled, 5 Women Claim Sex Harassment At Toy Company

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