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Fall is fallen on Iowa and the leaves have not just turned but the trees are about half or more bare. We may have left October but certainly not the personal injury news all across Iowa. With people hurrying around it seems the rate of accidents will increase. Before we completely leave October let's clean up a few news reports with a pi slant.

In central Iowa, Waukee to be exact, a man fell asleep at the wheel, crashed into a wooden utility pole and his car climbed the pole. Wow, you've got to see the photos and video. Photos: Car Climbs Pole During Crash. The car is standing on its rear bumper with the underside up against the broken, but standing pole. The teen driver is described as opening the door and falling out to the ground below.

In Iowa PI news an Iowa truck driver that was discovered this past week at a South Dakota truck stop dead. The man was George Klett, 73 from Cantril in Van Buren County. The article tells us he died of natural causes but doesn't say how that was determined. There is no mention of an autopsy being performed. What could be interesting about the autopsy results is those results could dispute the conclusion the news article reaches in that the stress of the work could have caused a cardiac condition making this a workers' compensation case because of the job relatedness, as opposed to "natural causes".

The Fayette County Courthouse was performing a security check and discovered a stun gun that a man attempting to enter the courthouse had with him. The man did not have a permit to carry a stun gun. There is no mention of the make, model, size or capacity of the stun gun. The man was 42-years-old. Officers say man had weapon at courthouse.

On the other side of the state in Council Bluffs an autopsy will be performed on a woman who was found dead; she was found last Thursday inside a tent near Underwood. She must have been dead for quite some time because officials had a difficult time identifying her badly decomposed body. See also the KCCI-8 story Farmer Finds Body Inside Tent, October 22, 2010.

Let's head to the center of the state just east of Ames to Nevada, Iowa where just before a train hit his car a man was pulled from it. The hero was a police officer, the train one owned by Union Pacific and it was a freight train. The man's car got stuck. This again was Thursday at around 8:00 p.m. You have to wonder about the man's age, whether he was attempting to avoid the cross bucks, how the officer got wind of this in time and what the train engineers were thinking as they realized a collision was inevitable. Have you ever seen a car stuck on the railroad tracks and someone rescued? Here watch this Newark woman as young adults save her life. You can see the actual collision from the police cruiser camera. Caught On Tape: Train Slams Into Car in Nevada, KCCI News.

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