Today we continue with the pedestrian-car-truck-bus-train collision news items. There are so many of them just since the first of the year. You can tell its spring. Today we’ll look at three additional news items that each provides a theme or reason (cause) as to why pedestrians get struck so much.

Taylor County, West Virginia, March 2009 – A 22-year-old young man was struck and killed while walking in the same direction as a car being driven by a 50-year-old man along Pup Run Road heading towards Route 250. This accident probably could have been avoided if the pedestrian had been walking against traffic; so he could watch oncoming cars. Not to excuse the driver, but pedestrians need to protect themselves against all of the dumb and lame things drivers do that distract them from the task of safely driving.

Hemet, California, February 2009 – A 64-year-old pedestrian man was struck and killed in Riverside County, California as he attempted to cross West Florida Street around 4:30 p.m. Rescue workers had to lift the Ford Taurus off of the pedestrian; the pedestrian ended up under the car. This report comes to us from Estey and Bomberger Law Firm.

Rochester, New Yuck, May 2009 – In this case an 11-year-old child was allowed to play near a busy street intersection. When she ran out into the street in the path of an oncoming vehicle she was struck and injured. For whatever reason relatives of the child came running onto the scene allegedly in a hostile manner confronting the driver. I wonder where the relatives were when the child was playing near this intersection. Police arrived and calmed things down. The child was taken to an area hospital apparently alright. Parents, supervisors, babysitters and even relatives need to be more concerned with where children play. Getting mad at the driver isn’t the answer.

Tomorrow we will continue with pedestrian safety.

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